Our Sponsor: ManageWP: Revolutionizing How You Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

ManageWP, which is one of our fantastic WordPress Birmingham sponsors, is a first-of-its-kind service that enables you to easily Manage, Monitor, Backup, Deploy, Publish, and Secure all of your WordPress sites, while saving you both time and money. It takes the focus off of managing and maintaining your WordPress sites, and puts the emphasis back on what matters most: your content, your readers, and your customers.

Bloggers, Web hosts and developers, dedicated marketers, media entities, and security-aware corporations will love what it has to offer. For bloggers, time spent managing multiple WordPress can be put into creating content. For web hosts and developers, the powerful cloning and migration tools provide intuitive and cost-effective deployment options. For marketers, the integrated SEO and keyword tools will give you a leg-up over the competition. And for media entities and corporations, the ability to manage hundreds of thousands of blogs will change everything.

ManageWP is perfect for

  • giving you a birds-eye view of all the activity with your WordPress sites,
  • enabling one-click access to all of your WordPress sites,
  • automating and scheduling your WordPress backups
  • providing powerful migration and cloning tools for quick deployment
  • helping you to create and distribute content for all of your WordPress sites,
  • and monitoring SEO activity and keywords, all without breaking the bank.

If you’d like to see how ManageWP will revolutionize your WordPress experience, get started for free, and enjoy an incredible 30% life-time discount before their official launch in early January!

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