ManageWP is the world’s first and finest all-inclusive WordPress management console that gives users full power and complete control in managing virtually any number of WordPress sites with ease. ManageWP’s ultimate goal is to provide its users with the power to Manage, Monitor, Backup, Deploy, Publish, and Secure all of their WordPress sites on a virtually unlimited scale, without the hassles of dealing with every-day management tasks.

Designed for WordPress users, by WordPress users, ManageWP was created with a focus on revolutionizing the workflow of content managers and producers both large and small. ManageWP prides itself by tackling the issues of management, security, accessibility, and efficiency that becomes necessary when managing any number of sites with the world’s premiere content management system.

Providing efficient and effective solutions to specific problems is what ManageWP is all about. The ability to schedule automated backups for unlimited WordPress sites gives content managers peace of mind. Clone and migration tools provide web hosts, web developers, and corporations with an incrediblly cost-effective method to rapidly deploy ready-to-use WordPress sites. Integrated SEO and monitoring tools give marketers and SEO specialists a birds-eye view of site performance. And so much more.
With ManageWP, we have taken the focus off of WordPress — we put it where it matters most: your content, your readers, your customers.