Our Sponsor: Sucuri Security

We’re so happy to have Sucuri Security as one of our sponsors!

Sucuri Security is the leading provider of web-based integrity monitoring, malware detection and cleanup solutions – delivered as a service. Sucuri solutions are deployed remotely in a matter of minutes anywhere in the world, allowing our customers to immediately detect and remove web-based malware and monitor their internet presence. Sucuri’s web monitoring solution is used today by more than 30,000 sites worldwide.

In simple terms, we clean up the mess. If your site gets hacked, blacklisted or infected with malware, we fix it for you. If your site is clean, we monitor it to let you know if a problem ever happens. We work fast, we’re affordable, and we get things done. Just ask any of our previous clients.

You can also follow our blog to read about our research, and where our solutions are being used in the “wild”.

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