Get started with WordPress, the right way

You’ve probably heard WordPress is easy. You’ve probably heard WordPress is hard. The truth is that it can be both. It can be easy to get started… after all, it’s the home of the famous “5 minute” install. But then what?

In the WordPress for Beginner’s session of WordCamp Birmingham, I’ll take you through and explain the steps you took in the “5 minute” installation of WordPress, and break down what it means, and how it will control your website. I’ll also walk you through the different settings your website has, describe how things like widgets and menus work, and I’ll even lay out a base understanding of just what makes WordPress so much more than a blog these days.

I can promise you that scary phrases like “custom post types”, “the loop”, “taxonomies”, “queries”, and “templates” will come up, but I also promise to lay it all out in a way that almost anyone can understand.

So get excited to start your journey with WordPress the right way. We’ll lay the groundwork so that you can both get your website off the ground and churning along, and also have a base understanding of what’s making the gears turn.

I look forward to seeing you January 14th. If you haven’t already, register now.

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